Ben Folds dies in gorey car accident at age 42.

One month ago, clicking as I obsessively do on the "You dead." tab on my bookmarks toolbar, I saw something that struck fear into the bowels of my musicality.  In one of those fleeting moments of internet incredulity, where the seemingly innocuous content of a website tightropes over a cybercanyon of dirty lies, The Deaths in 2010 page of Wikipedia appeared thusly:

When I clicked "refresh" it was gone!  Had I just seen a ghost? Is this a testament to the perfunctory discernment of Wikipedia's editors?  Or is this a prescient spasm of the fabric of the web, foretelling a grim fate for the ironic singer-songwriter and hero of adolescent suburban boys and a cappella groups everywhere? I hope that this instantaneous glimpse of pixelated destiny was but the tawdry prank of some young wannabe hacker who was disenfranchised after Songs of Silverman.  Perhaps I was one of not a dozen souls on Earth to spy this online oddity.  Yet I fear that in this era of virtual truth, what is printed on the internet is a pixel's nipple away from becoming real.

I am doing my duty, exposing this glitch through a lens of glamor, to ensure that misinformation travels faster than truth.